Gallina System
The Gallina System is a binary star system consisting of eight planets and thirteen moons.

The system's two suns are Gallina A and Gallina B.


  • Alobened
    • Morsh (moon)
    • Thardor (moon)
  • Eroscona (destroyed)
    • Scoro (moon)
  • Arksea (currently uninhabitable)
  • Haython
    • Kufgh (moon)
  • Arksarben
  • Crythalia
    • Kasare (moon)
    • Tharlefth (moon)
  • Alycone
    • Cybon (moon)
  • Fareth


Billions of years ago, an Erosconian (from Eroscona) seeded life to all the planets in the Gallina System. These races included Arkseans, Arksarbians, Alobians and Haytherins.

The planets of the Gallina System would later form an alliance, known as the United Gallianian Planetary Alliance, to defeat an invading force of aliens known as the Rebels. Eroscona was destroyed and Arksea was greatly damaged. No species survived apart from the Erosconians and Arkseans, who fled.

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