This Code, constructed by the powerful Tanager-Krealla empire (at the time) in SD -12293.7 to keep from mass chaos breaking out. They feared that if that happened, the Universe would end up poisoned, and free from all life.

The Code

Code 1

Since the Tanager-Krealla controlled the galaxy, they kept records of the systems and planet's owners.

"None must claim a planet without taking it by any economic or military means. Violators will be pushed to near-extinction."

Code 2

Code 2 was violated by the Krealla when they fought for independence. The Tanagers claim there are 3 Krealla left.

"Any who betray the Tanagear-Krealla will be pushed to near-extinction."

Code 3 (Technology code)

"Any empire whose ANS becomes over 25 have to be put to the Worthiness Test, and may join the Tanager empire. If an empire fails this test, they may not make technology over ANS 25. Any violator will have any great technology recently made, smashed to smitherenes along with that planet."