This is the home of the Woder. It has no space exploration
Zilyanos by jojogape-d6g6mkh
missions and so far only peer at the sky using telescopes. The GBIF has named it Xist.


Surface: 85% Ocean 15% Land.

Gravity Strength: That of G2Vbeta b. Atmosphere: The same to G2Vbeta d.

Pressure: Slightly weaker.

Temperature: 10 degrees Celsius.

Radiation: A little above human safety levels. Fortunately Woder are adapted to it.

Wind: Generally 2 km/h. Note: It has no country divisions.

Geographic features

Attohhwv Mountain - a 1 km high mountain. Its coordinates are 15S 175E - if it were on Earth it would be just off the coast of Vanuatu.

Gaeul Mountain - a 2 km high mountain. It is next to Mt Attohhwv.

Newos Crater - a crater on the slope of Mt Gaeul. It is also a lake.

Ghans crater - a crater containing the whole complex above.

Zhaux crater - a crater on Mt Gaeul's summit. This proves that the mountain is a volcano.

Addurzanan Island - a mushroom shaped island. Its coordinates are 15N 176W - if it were on Earth it would be off the coast of Hawaii.

Ghltom Rock - a 20 km square flat rock of pure gold. It is near the middle of Is. Addurzanan.

Orior crater - an underwater crater. It is off the coast of Is. Addurzanan and only 25% of the basin is visible.

Cadenten Rock - a mountain resembling the landmark mountain of Australia. It is near the impact basin of Orior.


59.6 Hiykerke 1 of G2Vbeta f has landed successfully and ventured around the planet. It landed of the summit of Mt Attohhww. In the end communications ceased when a storm broke the antenna off.

59.8 Hiykerke 2 of a G2Vbeta d,f cooperative mission landed near the same place. In the end, the batteries failed.59.9 Hiykerke 3 of a G2Vbeta f has landed successfully and the first manned probe to G2V e landed safefully 7 hours later it crashed into Orior crater and lost transimttons EVEN know it can land in water!