This is the only moon of G2Vbeta a.


When a G2Vbeta a suprevolcano called Freokundus,10 km blew the volcano shrinked to 1km high. Additionally, the debris went into space, eventually clumping together to form the moon. It is in geostationary orbit and that means it is still hovering above the volcano. The tidal forces will make the volcano erupt more often, and it will continue to grow from the ash let out by the volcano.


Surface: a rocky and barren world. The rock is cooked so hot it is starting to liquidify and it is red due to oxidisation.

Gravity strength: almost none.

Atmosphere: Silcon, Iron, Sulphur

Pressure: Too little.

Temperature: 2400 degrees Celsius.

Radiation Levels: Lethal

Wind strength: None

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