The desert, a common feature on this planet.


This is a deset planet which is 0.05 Earth masses. Just now, probes from G2Vbeta f are starting to explore it.

The G2V Beta Interplanetary Federation (GBIF) has named it Qijasqjxipt.


Planet Surface: a smooth desert, flattened by an ancient supervolcano eruption 100000 years ago.

Gravity strength: That of the moon.

Atmosphere: 50% Sodium, 30%Potassium, 20% Lithium

Atmospheric pressure: 0.2 of Earth.

Temperature: 700 degrees Celsius

Radiation Level: High; solar wind weakens magnetic field.

Wind Strength: Almost none at all.

Geographical features

Morpastos Erg - an erg which was formed 100 million years ago.Its coordinates are 4N126E - if it were on Earth it would be in the Phillippines.

Freondkus Volcano - a tall volcano as tall as Mount Fuji.Its Coordinates are 3N108E - if it were on Earth it would be in Indonesia. 100000 years ago, it erupted, pushing loads of ash into space, forming its moon.

Missions (all from G2Vbeta f)

80.5 - Probe Sohwl orbited and mapped this planet.

85.4 - Probe Adduran orbited this planet and crash-landed on Mt. Freondkus.


4 billion years before present: the Scolpazon Era. That time it collided with several protoplanet sized magma blobs floating around.

3 billion years before present: the Rauckiopara Era. That time it was a smooth land of stone.

1 billion years before present: the Freovulcana Era. That time the Freokundus Mt was higher than Everest and it blew, scorching a quarter of land into dark sand.

Now: the Daesaeriron Era. The land is a flat scorched desert.

1 billion years later: the Raetsarcona Era. That time it is 2100 degrees Celsius and the deserts are now in semiliquid form. The land is starting to ber a red tint due to the oxidisation.

2 billion years later: the Vulcageddonara Era. The planet is a molten ball of magma, which orbit is slowing down and eventually burning up as a meteorite and vaporized by the astounding heat of the old sun when it reaches the sun's Roche limit.

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