Futurish is a Solar System language for the first species of binarycell creatures in this world of solar systems.

It basically edits English.


The alphabet is the same as English.


A list of differences can be found below.

English : Futurish : Direct English is the format.

  • hello : hallia : welcome
  • hi : hab : hello
  • how are you doing? : yo hod? : you how-do?
  • who are you? : yo id pa? : your identification please?
  • how are you? : yo, ho smai? : you, how smile?
  • lets talk about... : sa a toi... : say at topic...
  • food : ea sur : eat survive
  • drink : liq sur : liquid survive
  • liquid : li none sur : liquid noneed survive
  • ... is ... : equ ... ... : equal ... ...
  • not : na : no
  • house : re sur : rest survive

More will come later.


Spelling is the first 1 to 5 letters of an English letter contributing to the meaning of the Futurish word

No punctuation change from English

No grammar change from English

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