This book is written in English.

Furan's Adventure on Kieru is a book written by Furan staying in the Kieru system after being taken by someone. It started on 100.1 and still continues on.


  • 100.1 This notebook.
  • 100.2 The KML-50 site.
  • 100.4 CirnoFlan.

Log Files

  • 100.1 - Thank god! I found a notebook. Actually, that's weird, considering the strange environment I'm in now. I thought I saw several spacecrafts in the sky... maybe that was just me.
  • 100.1 - I heard some explosions. It looks like the Kieruns are launching attacks on those spacecrafts.. although one of them looks like the one from Hiiro...!? I need to contact them, give a sign.
  • 100.2 - Well, isn't that odd. I found a site named KML-50. I guess its time to kill off those attacks on those spacecrafts. Now if there was a map of it...
  • 100.2 - Too late! Two of them hit the Tripian spacecrafts (which I wonder why they came). I'll have to destroy those Kierun spacecrafts... the life of them depends on me. I have sent missiles to the spacecrafts, so I won't be surprised if the Kieruns come here.
  • 100.2 - I hit one of them! That was exciting. I hoped the Tripe got my message... hopefully they're not dead yet. I'm actually hungry right now, so I'm going to look for food in the forest.
  • 100.3 - I heard something outside. I think they're here, nonetheless, they'll taste my sword.
  • 100.4 - Oh, it's just Cirno and Flandre! I guess they found me. I'm happy about that. I probably won't be writing this in awhile.

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