Elder Dragon

Elder Dregg (Shadow Form)

The Elder Dragons are the largest, most powerful of the entire race. They reside as the most intelligent and most capable of their race to lead and guide their species. Many members have been born and have come and gone through the three cycles of the Elder Dragon Council.


The first Elder Council was established in 2031 and was established as a means of leadership and guidance during the initial years of primal evolution. Over the course of their lives, they witnessed the arrival of the Thousand Suns War a mere six years later. This war completely destroyed most of their species and demolished the Elder Council; dividing their entire existence in two. The members of the first Elder Council are unclear as its members had the shortest terms in their species' entire history.


The vast wisdom and knowledge that each Elder Dragon possess is equal to that of ten-thousand citizens putting everything that they know into one brain. The Elder Dragons gained this vast surplus of knowledge from years of experience and gradual understanding of the world around them. Throughout their lives, each Elder Dragon has succeed in accomplishing a task that has made them worthy of receiving a vast supply of knowledge.


In all, the Elder Dragons are the fiercest and the toughest to defeat in combat. However, defeating an Elder Dragons automatically makes the winner the new Elder Dragon. As tradition, the Elder Dragons challenge the citizens who wish to succeed the spot to a duel. If they win, they receive praise from their fellow species and gain great power within the Elder Council itself.


Each position of the Elder Council handles a specific field detailed to increase the living conditions of the citizens they overlook. The fields can range from migration, shipping, supplies, foods, water distribution, security, and several other fields. Some of the most important fields are the five War Generals that manage the military portion of the species.

Elder Dregg (First Council): Leader and commanding War General of the West Army Elder Rex (Second Council): Leader and commanding War General of the East and South Army Elder Frallel (First Council): Leader and commanding War General of the North Army Elder Zerneasx (First Council): Leader and commanding War General of the Public Militia Sector (Class R34-T3) Elder Harsen (Second Council): Leader and commanding War General of the Global Interstellar Regiment (Index Class)


Though the Elder Council and its members are well respected and known to achieve great acts of kindness, they are not without fault or impurity in their hearts. The First Council was destroyed because of their division during the Thousand Suns War. Elder Dregg was the purest and most capable member to stop their fighting, and, by doing so, he disbanded the First Council; believing that a new Council was needed to repair the broken world they had created in the first place.

Elder Council Room

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