Emerged from
The Blue States (44.4)
Followed by None
End East Zarnok collapsed on 61.2 because of the plakno pandemic.

After The Blue States gave up in The Long War on Laktra, East Zarnok formed from The Blue States east of the southern half of the front as it was just before the war ended. Most of the infrastructure in the country was destroyed, but it wasn't as bad as in West Zarnok. East Zarnok was allied with both West Zarnok and Workers Union from the solar date it was established in Eastern Socialist Nations, with The Kalva Nation joining on 44.7.
On 52.5, East Zarnok closed it's borders to West Zarnok because of plakno parasites being able to spread among Zarvas. The disease was held out of the country until on 56.1, where the ESN launched the Antiplakno Program.

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