Elder Dragon

Elder Dregg of the Druyahm race

The Druyahm race is a respected race among some of the most intelligent to ever exist in the universe. As a result, they have reached a pinnacle point in their evolution and can speak perfect English.


The Druyahm race are known well for their advanced technology including Interstellar Transportation. However, many of their advancements in all fields of technology came at the costs of lives to their people. Because of their current intelligence in developing such technologies, the Druyahm have only ever managed to create space travel. Their species do not believe in violent wars that result only in bloodshed without a reason or cause. Technology-wise, their species is quite primitive in knowledge of advanced technologies.

Elder Dragons

Elder Dragons are the largest dragons of the race and are the most knowledgeable about everything within the confines of the Druyahm race itself. So far, there has only been three Elder Dragons that have ever existed. Dregg, Tyro, and Frazer are the only three Elder Dragons to ever exist throughout the existence of their species. The reasoning behind this rare occurrence is because the birth of an Elder Dragon means the birth of another upcoming war that will result in a new Elder Council being created once the former council is disbanded due to wartime issues. Any and all suspects of an Elder Dragon birth are immediately disproved and the suspect is usually killed to avoid any possibility.


The Druyahm race have developed massive cities and working markets and agriculture, providing sustained and prospering civilizations within their home planet of Slarth. They do not naturally believe in creating an army; much less a military. Their cities are massive, containing a population of several billion per city. These cities are greatly structured to accommodate and serve the public to the best that it possibly can. Generally, most of the cities were built in honor of each of the regimes of The Elder Council. The cities were named after each member, and a large statue is detailed in their liking; placed in the center of the cities for all to look upon and marvel in their everlasting greatness.

Nobility and Traditions

Rituals and Ceremonies


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