Dregg was born to a low-class family that established itself as one of the primary families that was capable of controlling itself under the influence of the first ruler. By this statement, the family claimed that their son was capable of leading the entire race without help. Dregg grew up learning leadership rules, and how to guide others.
Elder Dragon

Dregg of the Froth Family


Dregg was a calm and collected individual who never let anything phase him, as he considered a weak mind and body a great sign of weakness that would leave anyone vulnerable to attack by evil forces. He spent a great deal of his time learning how to keep calm in pressured situations and always found a way to resolve any problem given to him.


As he learned more about becoming a leader to overtake the current tyrannical government established during the initial start of their species evolution, Dregg soon become familiar with the meaning of becoming a strong and likable leader; soon gaining respect from others who wanted to follow him. Dregg was able to overthrow the government and established the First Elder Council of the Druyahm. Not6 much else in known about Elder Dregg other than some of his accomplishments during his term within the Elder Council.

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