Colas is the next biggest moon and travels faster around Slarth than any of the other moons. Its composite structure is made of copper, iron, and many other precious metals. The formation of this moon is one that dates back during the formation of Slarth.


Colas was created from the remnants of Slarth's formation. Massive rocks formed and smashed together, creating the shape of Colas. The massive scar cut across the surface was created from the ring that now surrounds Slarth. The ring was formed from metals and, because of gravity, it spun and cut through the moon; boring deep through the entire moon. The resulting impact nearly destroyed half of Colas' surface area space. Thankfully, only the cut portion was made as a result.

The Third Elder Council named the giant cut "The Scar" and truly believed that Colas protected Slarth from being impacted by the spinning ring. The story was told that because of Colas, the ring lost its power to cut through the young Slarth and settled in a circle around it. Colas was deemed an important part of their home and culture.

Around the year 2113, several explosions resulted from meteors crashing into the moon. Once again, Slarth was spared much destruction as Colas received most of the impacts due to pulling the rocks toward it with its strong gravitational pull. Unbeknownst to the Elder Council, some of the rocks pulled by Colas actually smashed together and formed a much smaller moon that revolved around Colas. Scientific debates about making Colas a new planet sparked as the moon was a sign to allow this to happen. However, the Elder Council took to consideration the other factors that made Colas a moon and ultimately kept with it as a moon.


Surface view of Colas' moon: Terra


Terra is a sub-class type moon that was formed from hundreds of meteors that smashed together and formed the shape of the moon seen today. Terra, surprisingly, is extremely capable of sustaining life. The entire moon is covered in thick jungles, deep oceans, ponds, and lakes, and has an established atmosphere. Hundreds of forms of life have already begun sprouting up all across the moon. The Elder Council refers to Terra as "Mother of Life", or "The Seed".

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