Cirelarioxa is a brown-dwarf star which is about 30 degrees Celsius and is a bit failed. It was formed 1 billion (short count) year(s) ago by some gas and dust getting trapped in the gravity of a slow burning asteroid. Other asteroids got trapped in the same gravity as the slow burning one.

Star Color


The current solar date is January 1, 1,000,000,000 CSE. Binary-cell creatures are now forming. NOTE: December 31 has 48 hours and not 24 hours. This is called a double-day.

December 31, 1 Before Cirelarioxa (BCS): Cirelarioxa started to form. This day was followed by January 1, year 1 CSE (Cirelarioxa star era).

January 19, 1,000,000,138 CSE: At about 3:14:08, unsigned 31 bit binary-cell creatures will think the time is one second before January 1, 1,000,000,000 CSE at 00:00:00.00.

January 1, 1,000,000,000 CSE: 16 bit, 8 bit, 4 bit, 2 bit and 1 bit binarycell creatures will go out of mind already. 16 bits can survive for 65535 seconds before the next second is second 0. Because of how the eyes of binary cell creatures work, they will see what was it like in second 0 (at 47:59:59, December 31, 9,999,999,99 CSE).


  1. Cireloxa, a gas ball that perished earlier (December 25, 100 CSE) by ramming into the main star.
  2. Loxaire, a planet with life on it. It is so close to the 30C star that nights are not that cold of Earth's!
  3. Helliare, a moon of Loxaire the size of our real life system's Pluto.
  4. Penguiniare, a planet with penguins on it. Quite close to the star, this planet can be seen from Loxaire.
  5. Saliare, a mini-star with planetary moons. It is about 22 degrees Celsius both out and in the core. Loxaire people are looking to make a hotel on the cold flames.
  6. Hapiare, a mini-planet of Saliare that is as lovely as heaven.

Species: Hapiare, Loxaire, and Saliare


  • Humanoid creatures. They are birds looking like humans. They speak English with a lovely Parrot voice.
  • Binary cell creatures. They are flashes of light on a small metal board. They speak in letterbytes which is a signed 7bit segment (SIGN 0: a-z, SIGN 1: A-Z, SIGN 0 & 1: 1-9, and ! then the period and various space empty characters). They have 500 letterbytes of data availible. A letterbit is 2 bits.


  • Bacteria. They can only move and cannot see. And they are single-cell.


  • Humanoid creatures visiting from Loxaire.

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