Byron is a jovic planet orbiting Oquanazon XI with a

mass of 13 jupiters and is the only planet in the primary

system, exluding Nepta and Nuno.Here's a pic:
Universe Sandbox - 20120809-194433 - 151534

byron and some of its moons

Pretty?Maybe but this is what took out a lot of material from the proto-planetary disk only to form its rings(SELFISH!).

The Aiotans think this is a planet of beauty and destruction.well they're right, but why did they build a structure on it?

This is by far the LARGEST planet in its system.Some people believe Byron formed from 2 or 3 or even 4 gas giants.


Byron has a large number of moons but here are the 4 biggest:

  • Suni - a moon the size of Quano
  • Xyn - a moon bigger than mars it is mostly ice
  • Quasi - a moon similar to titan it even has an atmosphere!
  • Zane - a moon the size of ours it is moslty rock

Hydrogen Line

The Aiotans sent out a hydro-collector(hydro) to Byron and an additional 10 probes to gather hydrogen this is how it works:

  • Wind keeps Hydro floating
  • Hydro collects Hydrogen from clouds
  • Hydro puts Hydrogen on probes
  • Probes take hydrogen to Xenon
  • Probe goes back to Hydro to collect more Hydrogen

This cycle takes nearly 11 years to complete so each probes holds 3000 litres of hydrogen 300 litres goes to each country.Since there are 10 probes 300 litres has to last 1.1 years!Fortunately the Aiotans are 1000 times more efficient than your average american so to power 1 house for 1.1 years they use an average of 3nanolitres of hydrogen!That's tiny!For More about Aiota visit, [GetClicky]

Why Byron is So Big?

Well that's easy it's because it was the first planet to form giving it more time to suck up material from the proto-planetary disk and it's rings were formed by it gathering heaps of asteroids.

Fun Facts!

  • Byron's rings are 1.8 MILLION KM in diameter!
  • Byron is Hydrogen rich but also contains oxygen!
  • Byron is 13 times more massive than jupiter!


Jupiter Byron
90% Hydrogen 69% Hydrogen
10% Helium 20% Helium
ammonia 10% Oxygen
methane 1% other

Byron's main composition is hydrogen and helium, much like jupiter's composition

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