Benge is the second closest moon to Slarth and is known as the "Harvest Moon" by the Elder Council. Once every 350 years, Benge will emit a strange light and surface hundreds of acres of plentiful foods.


Benge circles Slarth at about the same rate as Atari, but it seems to be pushed further away every ten or so years. The reason for this is because Benge has a Magnesium and Sodium core which can create a power magnetic field that collides with Slarth's gravity field. As these two forces hit, Slarth's size causes its field of gravity to push outward ad thereby push Benge further away from it. Many speculate that in another 300 years, Benge will be completely on its own and no longer circle Slarth; forfeiting its ability to be considered a moon of Slarth.

There are stories that portray Benge as being a body of nature and life; bringing about great changes of amazing proportions. The powers of Benge are still being looked into, but for those that simply wish to believe its supernatural abilities; never question it from there onward.

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