Atari is the farthest moon from Slarth and is seen as a sign of bad luck when it is seen every fifty years. Legend tells that those who lay their eyes upon Atari are destined to meet an untimely death. Atari is also said to bring wars to the race if an Elder Dragon lays their eyes upon it. The Elder will become influenced by Atari's evil power and declare a statement of war out of nowhere. This has rained true as the Thousand Suns War was started because an Elder Dragon looked at Atari from afar.


Atari was formed roughly around the time that Geris and Colas were formed. Atari is composed of red sands that give it the appearance of the blood red coloration. Atari formed along with its "Brother Moons" Steris and Geris. Atari is said to speak evil intentions through its power to those that look upon it. The Elder Council are advised and obligated to prevent anyone from looking upon Atari when it appears close to Slarth every fifty years.

Legends and Tales

Speculations about whether Atari really has evil powers was confirmed when three members of the Royal Council Guard looked upon the moon and instantly killed an Elder Council member, then each other. The last one alive uttered the words: "Atari shall become all." before killing himself.

Another tale came about when several riots were spreading across the world the day of Atari's climax point. This point is when Atari is at its highest peak and projects its powers more strongly than at any other point.

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