• 60.0 - KM9 reaches outskirts of outer planet orbit.
  • 60.1 - En route to orbit Planet KM9-2A (KM9 designation). Atomic7732
  • 60.3 - Aerocapture through Z2.
  • 60.4 - Through atmosphere... Sucsessful landing.
  • 60.4 - "Do you want liquid water?" Points at liquid water and pushes it towards the Tripe vistor, and points at Tripe and points at water.
  • 60.4 - "Wate... Wat... er?" The Tripe looks at the water and says "Zevib, Kieil xy xartap..." Kieil then stumbles on his words "Err... water... Kieil xy water."
  • 60.4 - Hands over water, and says "Anything else?" Points at food items, and points at him.
  • 60.4 - "Krarr" Kieil says as he picks up the water, shaking his head. "Zevib!" Afjus had said, getting out of the space probe. "Kieil, a sytmiti zevib." Afjus then grabs some food.
  • 60.4 - "Stay here at the hotel." Points at the hotel and points at the entry. "I want to talk to you." Moves mouth in a talking motion and points at Tripe visitor.
  • 60.4 - Both Tripe walk towards the hotel, and the take out some money, but cannot find the clerk. Both are puzzled. Kieil says "Ishtar?".
  • 60.4 - "Follow me." Points at Tripe visitors and moves hand over to entry. "Here is the clerk." Points at clerk.
  • 60.4 - "Cherk?" Afjus hands over some of the Star Nation qupil (name of currency in Star Nation).
  • 60.4 - "Okay, follow me to the room." (clerk) Points at the first floor and moves hand over there. Leads to 1320 room.
  • 60.4 - "Zevib" Both Tripe say, they then they follow to the room.
  • 60.4 - Drinks attendant comes in to room. "Would you like some drinks?" Moves hand around an invisible cup and points at it.
  • 60.4 - "Xartap?" Kieil says, "Krarr" They both then say. Their stay at the hotel was boring so far. Nothing was happening. They needed to study this life form...
  • 60.4 - Spheron gives out a game to each other. "Put this in that slot of the game system." Points at slot.
  • 60.6 - Afjus grabs the game and puts it in the system. He is very puzzled "Ishtar? kolores???" random patterns advertising the company that made the game pops up on the screen.
  • 60.6 - "Just press the X button your controller to skip it." Points a X button and says, "Click X again after you get to the main menu." "The first selection is where you want the red outline." Points at red outline. Moves finger to the first selection. Then points at X.
  • 60.6 - "Ex... booten??" Afjus says. Then Kieil grabs the controller and presses the X twice. "Ex pulsied" "Ishtar coffulest?" He then points at all the buttons. Then again asks, "Ishtar?"

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