• 55.4 - Star Nation launched another mission to Ixra c (Laktra) called KM8 It is expected to reach the system on 59.8
  • 59.0 - Probe KM9 launched en route to SG-232-Z1Z2. ETA 60.1.
  • 60.1 - KM9 Mission Page
  • 60.6 - KM9 mysteriously disappears after word that they made it sucsessfully. It is peredicted that the relaunch function has shorted out the communications system, a known bug in Version KM-002-84b4.1
  • 60.6 - An extremely bright star has been detected. It was given the name 66-5K.
  • 60.7 - TAAA sends probe KM10 to Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 034536+7802, ETA SD 70.6.
  • 60.7 - TAAA sends another probe KM11 to GS19-UA81-2201 ETA SD 62.8, due to failure of KM7 probe.
  • 60.7 - Unknown transmission recieved from the predicted area of KM9. "Kr *static* r *static* Ia *static* skd... * 1minute of static*"
  • 62.4 - TAAA discovers first planets from orbiting probe, GS19-UA81-2201 b, Ixra e, and Ixra f.
  • 62.4 - TAAA Catalog of extrasolar planets
  • 62.4 - Star Nation launches Northern Transit Expector (NTE).
  • 62.4 - Northern Transit Expector stars tacking 3 stars. Gliese 1337, KP-ZZ1-ASZ, and Altan
  • 62.4 - TAAA launches a mining mission to asteroid 12AR, KM12.
  • 62.4 - Star Nation recieves signals from KM9 using Northern Transit Expector.
  • 62.5 - Star Nation begins the builing of a new telescope. The Assotor Mountain Scope (AMS). Estimated end of construction is on 63.5.
  • 62.4 - Star Nation launches Affron Horizon Microlensing Telescope as part of The Extrasolar Project.
  • 62.5 - Recieved automated transmission. TAAA sends probe KM13 to KP-ZZ1-ASZ, ETA 64.5.
  • 63.3 - KM Series probes
  • 63.5 - Assotor Mountain Scope completed. First observations ever made, directed at KM-56 e.
  • 63.5 - Roakin Space Organization forms. Launches Embassy, mission to KM-56 d to study the planet and it's moons.
  • 63.5 - KM12 directed on to newly found asteroid 19FR. Reclassified as dwarf planet 19FR.
  • 63.6 - Intergalactic Star Mission sent by star nation to Galaxy "P-89", ETA 98.2. ISM aiming for OKL458, and will establish a colony. This large station will orbit to study the system, then around 110.0 it will touchdown on a planet.
  • 63.8 - 19FR recieves number 728, now dwarf planet 728.

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