Americana Seven

Americana Seven
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is a Gas Giant in the Epsilona Revoluta System. It is the Second largest planet in the system; and the largest in the inner circle. It has the largest and most amazing rings in the system and has three of the 10 largest moons of the Epsilona Revoluta system. It is composed mainly of Hydrogen and Helium and has the most notable storms on a gas giant in the system.


Americana Seven's 3 largest moons were used as command bases while the Aeridani Intergalactic War was waging due to the high amount of Ice and Metals on the moons, The high gravity of the moons, and the gigantic magnetic field comming out of Americana Seven protecting the innermost large moon. Meanwhile, the outer two had their own magnetic field that rivals the strength of earths.

Americana Seven's atmosphere is made up of thick clouds swept about by violent winds that sweep the planet at thousands of miles per hour. Any craft that entered the atmosphere without benefit of a tracker would quickly become lost, its pilot disoriented by the buffeting winds. It was believed these storms lasted all the way to the layer of liquid metalic hydrogen without letting up. The immense atmospheric pressure was also something to contend with, and could easily crush an unprotected ship, it was also a major source of Java gas, which was refined to produce numerous starships and guns to fight in the war against the Kirana in the Aeridani Intergalactic War.

The company IEA Gas Industry was the company to extract the Java gas since the government of ASSU had already diverted it's rescources to the war. The refining station sat up just beyond the atmosphere of Americana Seven and from there controlled several hundred Java gas collectors that are slightly larger then an aircraft carrier each. As then collectors fly out of the atmosphere to dump their Java gas payload, they filter the gas they collected and use anything that is not Java gas for fuel on the way to the processing station. Due to the relative rarity and usefulness of Java gas, a rather large fleet was orbiting Americana Seven in case the Kirana try to capture the world. Interestingly, During the war about 19% of the Java gas was mined, and an even more interesting fact is that zero ships were destroyed in the atmosphere of the gas giant during the war.


  • Americana Seven was the 300th article on the SSC wiki untill a page was deleted.

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