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Alpha Solminer is a binary star system made of a G1V and K6V star, alpha solminer has 9 planets 2 of which are habitable

Star Color

Star Color

Table of Information


Alpha Solminer

Beta Solminer

Mass 1.16 0.62
Luminosity 1.67 0.97
Tempurature(Kelvin) 5999 3971
Standard Density 1.43 1.20
Spectrum G1V K6V
Diameter 1.43 Million KM 1.19 Million KM
Planets 9 9
Habitable Planets 2 1
Jovic 4 1
Terrestrial 5 2


  • Alpha Solminer
  • Beta Solminer
    • Beta Solminer a - a Hot jupiter so close to its star it rains Molten Iron
    • Beta Solminer b - a planet that has the potential to become Habitable
      • Beta Solminer b I - a Luna-sized moon orbiting Beta Solminer b
    • Beta Solminer c - a small, rocky, cold planet near the edge of Beta Solminer's gravatational grip

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