Aiota, previously United States of Ocenia and officially the Solar Union of Aiota, is a country consisting of what used to part of papua new gunea, part of south america, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Italy.National languages include: Aiotan,English, Italian and Spanish.The capital is located in Australia at the tip of cape york.It has so far launched 127 space probes. Name: Aiota

Official name: Solar Union of Aiota

Other Names: Socialist Union of Aiota, Aioya, New Wydanir



  • Sydney- 13,091,882

Major Cities:

  • Pakka Fedishco - 10,457,215
  • Beté - 10,368,239
  • Cooper - 8,345,289
  • Daytona Beach - 8,345,275
  • Svalbard - 8,345,117
  • Rio De Janero - 8,234,896
  • Julia - 8,002,102
  • Honika - 7,995,264
  • Oxford - 7,984,391
  • Ashley - 7,239,871
  • Modova - 7,030,187
  • Romford - 7,009,154
  • New Sanford - 6,782,253
  • Samchwok - 5,454,896
  • Bolvangar - 4,056,229

National langauge: Aiotan


Aiota was formed on the 16th august 2026.It was formed for the use of space probes, rebelling against Russia & China and well not much, it owns:

  • Oquanazon XI - Xenon, Quano and Iote (see OQXI)
  • Theradini Ferax - entire system
  • North part of the moon
  • Australia, Italy, part of South America, Fiji, part of Papau New Gunea
  • Great Red Spot - on jupiter (massive hydrogen collector!)
  • Saturn - (plus rings and titan)
  • Venus and large portion of mars
  • Diamond Planet 105e6HD78c4z1 yes it's made 'o' diamond (in the center of galaxy)


Teal is Aiota, Green is Ezheatio, Yellow is the republic of texas and Blue is Aeridani



  • Upgraded all computers in Aiota to 12.3 ghz CPU, 2TB of HDD, 6 gb of RAM
  • Terraformed Mars
  • Made Hydrogen FUSION!
  • Found diamond planet 105e6HD78c4z1

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