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Deribu (active)
Errisim (unused)
Fiji (unused)
Guiltin (unused)
Hildrak (unused)
Ikir (unused)
Juanis (unused)
Kikitorik (unused)
Lana (unused)
Misto (unused)
Nina (unused)
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Pakat (unused)
Qrit (unused) (kreet)
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Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Hurricane Selester

Category 3 tropical cyclone (SSHS)
Temporary cyclone north.png Selester.png
Duration 49.8 – 50.4
Intensity 205 km/h (125 mph) (1-min), 945 hPa (mbar)

This hurricane formed off the OFS and became a cyclone, it moved notrh, then became a hurricane, it made a direct hit on Cret Island as a tropcial storm. It disrupted a fleet form the OFS.


Hurricane Ahnroykha

Category 3 tropical cyclone (SSHS)
Temporary cyclone north.png Ahnroykha track.png
Duration 51.5 – 52.4
Intensity 195 km/h (120 mph) (1-min), 944 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Ahnroykha formed off the coast of the OFS (now Star Nation) from a low pressure system blown over the desert. It rapidly strengthened over night, but didn't change categories. The next day, 51.6, it became category 1, and was upgraded by Star nation. Star Nation issued Evacuation Warnings for parts of their country. On 51.7, Hurricane Ahnroykha had intensified to category 3 strength as it began moving more northwards, and closer to land. The Star Nation by this time had issued Severe Evacuation Warnings for most of the coast within 500 miles of the center. On 51.9 Ahnroykha turned North, weakening to an intensity C storm before making landfall in Sirm on 52.1.


Season Effects

50-100 [[]] statistics
Storm Name Active Dates Storm category

at peak intensity







Landfall(s) Damage



Where When Wind


Selester 49.8 – 50.4 Category 3 Hurricane 125 945 Calistan Island 50.0 75 Minimal
Sirm 50.1 70 Minimal 0
Tanyani 50.7 - 51.1 Tropical Storm 60 998 none None 0
Uru 50.9-51.1 Tropical Storm 45 1002 none None 0
Ahnroykha 51.4-Still Active Category 3 Hurricane 125 944 Sirm 51.2 75 .5 2
Birinis 52.7-53.1 Tropical Storm 50 1000 none None 2
Christana 54.1-54.8 Category 1 Hurricane 85 991 none Minimal 0
Season Aggregates
4 cyclones 49.8– Still Active   125 944 2 landfalls Minimal 4

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